Customizing Your Education Is The Future of Learning!

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One size fits all has rarely fit anyone so let’s not do that to children anymore.

All of us on the Thrive team have worked in a variety of school settings and many of us are now homeschool teachers/parents. As we sat at our kitchen tables, garages and gardens bringing learning to life for our children, it became clear that what really was helping them thrive was an opportunity to create their own journey. Why can’t education always be about creating a highly personalized learning opportunity?

Some of our students needed more time with reading, others needed to build and tinker, still others needed time to explore new content based on their passions. Don’t get us wrong, working and teaching is a ton of work, and the social isolation was less than ideal, but the growth that came from one on one attention and targeted instruction was magical.

We realize not all parents have masters or doctorates in education, but that should not be the reason why they cannot have the same experience our children have!

We have pivoted to facilitate learning pods that offer students out-door and on-line learning opportunities. We build experiences around the kids and facilitate them for you. You are busy and you want what is best for your child – we get it, we are parents too. Let’s partner to create some learning magic.


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