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Great outcomes come from empowered people. But what do you do when your staff gets stuck?  

Maybe you’ve tried to institute change before. (Maybe you’ve tried more times than you’d like to admit.) Yet no matter how much you step on the accelerator, you’re stuck. 

It’s time to stop working in neutral. Our team has been there and we can propel you forward. 🏁 

Thrive’s partners include schools and districts of all sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they know investing in their people is the smartest thing they can do.

When your staff is thoughtfully and intentionally supported to be their best, good things happen. 

Student outcomes rise, retention increases, capabilities grow.  📈

And the organization shines. ✨

Your team has the ability to improve reading scores, graduation numbers and attendance rates.

But only optimal processes and continued support will get you there sans burnout. Not only do we help schools achieve these results, we also improve collaboration and professional development in the process. 


That’s the kind of change that sticks. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

“Thrive is fulfilling the highest ideals in public education. They embrace a mission to help schools and districts.”
Andy Calkins
Among a handful of the most inspiring and thoughtful leaders in K-12 education.
Tom Vander Ark
Without Nicole leading the way, we would have never increased our reading scores by 30%. She really helped my teachers dig into the data and fine tune their instruction.
Dustin Merrit
The Thrive team provided a wonderful workshop on new ways of education and providing a more personalized path so that everyone can find their passion and happiness for their future.
Thrive embodies the definition of their name!
Dr. Ed Abeyta
Associate Dean
Your recommendations helped to move pieces forward that we had previously tagged in some way. Everything felt on target and extremely helpful.
Megan Pacheco
Chief Learning Officer
Thank you for exemplifying and simplifying the purpose of personalization and helping me to realign my lens and the vision for our school with what is going to be the best for our students even if it is a little scary.
Megan K. Hennessy
Your expert opinion was highly important for the educational community of Belarus. The knowledge you shared will help immensely in the development of new educational standards in our country.
V.V. Ginchuk
Director of the National Institute of Education of the Republic of Belarus
We are so grateful for your support of DPS! We all left inspired to take the next steps towards personalizing the learning for our students!
Megan K. Hennessy
Co-Lead of Imaginarium