Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home: 

The Family Playbook

A Playbook For Families On Personalized,
Whole-Child Learning During COVID-19

COVID-19 abruptly changed the U.S. education landscape for students, families, and teachers alike. With school campuses closed occasionally or for long periods, students’ learning is suddenly taking place at home, away from teachers and friends and with much more involvement from parents. If you never imagined your kids would be doing school at home, you’re not alone. Whether you’re planning on creating your own homeschooling curriculum or participating in your school’s distance-learning offerings, this playbook is for parents looking for guidance on how to foster learning, exploration, and skill development at home.

This work is inspired by the K12 Playbooks from the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence and was created in collaboration with Copernicus Solutions, UCTV, and UC San Diego Extension Education and Community Outreach.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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