Tools for your Team

We’re delighted to be supporting K-12 educators and families across America! Together with our partners we create educator- and parent-focused resources. 

Here, you can check out a sampling of our recent work. (See something you like? Share it with a colleague or two.) 

Educator Resources

In partnership with Copernicus Solution and the CCEE, we developed a handful of educator resources for learning, equity and safety used by educators in California and beyond. We hope you also find them helpful.

Playbook for Accelerating Learning    

  • current research on how best to improve student outcomes, 
  • models that practitioners can use to accelerate learning in their systems, 
  • ways in which they can plan with their teams in the pursuit of such goals, 
  • how their efforts may take place during and beyond the school day, and 
  • ways in which LEAs can leverage community-based organizations and engage families as partners in the work.

Field Guide for Learning, Equity and Well-Being 

The CCEE Field Guide provides LEAs with tools to reflect on key lessons learned from 2020, plan a safe return to campus, respond to logistical needs of scheduling, develop effective communication plans, create continuity of learning, facilitate goal-setting, gain inspiration for what lies ahead, and more. It is an evolving compendium of curated resources from many California LEAs, partners, and educators to help us reimagine education together.

Hybrid Learning Playbook

The purpose of this resource is to support LEAs and districts by providing suggestions to use or adapt as you see fit. We hope it can help districts avoid having to reinvent the wheel. It was developed in collaboration with county offices of education, local educational agency, and other technical assistance partners, and the CCEE. We offer tools for a safe return to school that maximizes future equity outcomes and addresses the diverse needs of California’s students while adapting to the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

Health and Safety Guidebook 

The CCEE Health & Safety Guidebook is designed for school and district leadership teams planning a safe return to on-site, in-person instruction in a way that maximizes future equity outcomes and addresses the diverse needs of California’s students while continuously adapting to the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

Parent Resources

Leveraging the power of all adults is critical in successfully educating young people. We offer tools for educators above on how to do this effectively and below provide tools directly for parents. 

  • Research by the National PTA found that the best predictor of student success is the extent to which families encourage learning at home and involve themselves in their children’s education.
  • Students who attend schools that actively and authentically engage families as partners see greater success both in school and later in life, according to the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Staying Sane: Tips for Parenting in Unprecedented Times

As much of K-12 learning moves online, parents are taking on the role of teacher. Managing schedules, assigning projects, coming up ways to engage your child – it can be overwhelming. Shelli Kurth and Nicole Assisi from Thrive joined UCTV and UCSD to provide videos with tips to supercharge parent power. Join them as they share their knowledge, both as parents and educators, on how to navigate these new challenges with compassion and structure.

Family Playbook: Supporting Learning at Home

Parents are their children’s first teachers and continue to play a critical role through out their education. During the pandemic parents were taking on the role of teacher but even now, there are helpful tools for managing schedules, assigning projects, and engaging your child can be overwhelming. Here are some resources to lighten the lift.

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