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It doesn’t take another widget to improve schools.

Change is a community process that takes thoughtful facilitation. We support leaders and their teams to gather insight, co-design plans and implement powerful changes to accelerate student outcomes but also improve adult and child wellbeing. 

Why Choose Us


We are seasoned leaders and superintendents who grasp your key challenges and have led through them.

In addition to the clients featured below, we’ve aided numerous leaders worldwide in achieving a learning revolution, including

  • San Diego Unified School District, 
  • Cambridge University 
  • Uniting Parents for Education
  • Da Vinci Schools
  • and many more …



We are certified coaches and educators with expertise in facilitating positive change, drawing on both the art and science of the field. Our team has received extensive training in areas such as the neuroscience of change, leadership development, change management, team dynamics, and behavioral sciences, with some of our members even teaching courses on these subjects. With this knowledge, we equip leaders with effective tools to promote lasting and positive transformation.


We received numerous accolades for innovation and excellence in education including  

  • California State Senate Proclamation for our innovative approach to education, 
  • Telly Award in partnership with UCTV & UCSD for supporting families during the pandemic, 
  • Acknowledgment as one of the top 100 most innovative programs by Getting Smart, 
  • Recognition as one of 50 model programs for social-emotional education.

Our Experience Helps us Innovate, Our Partnership Let's us Thrive

Let's Do something great

Over the past decade, Thrive has received a California Senate commendation for innovative education, been recognized as a model for inclusion in special education by the Center for Reinventing Public Education, and earned the trust of thousands of educators.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff collaborated with educators across the state to co-develop the State’s distance learning playbook and the statewide plan for accelerating learning. Now we want to bring our expertise to your community. Let’s work together so you can thrive!

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way